Günter Wallraff was on the go once again, this time around. Undercover in a „bakery“ for Lidl bread rolls (Austrian: Weckerl) bakery.

 Günter Wallraff Lidl Bakery
Source: zeit.de

For uncovering the incredible working conditions, the exceptional journalist has gone into the bondage of the discount delivery company for 1 month. His ingenious article is a writing against the unnecessary pressure on prices that leads people into misery and not to the hoped-for prosperity. Working alone does not mean prosperity – often rent, insurance and energy costs eat up the lowest wages – but it looks better for the labor market statistics.

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Sometimes I ask myself, especially when I am sitting in a plane with rows of seats that are too narrow, when this unwanted „price war“ will finally stop. When will people realize that cheap products lead to low pay, less quality and thus less satisfaction and health?

Of course, you can not ignore the given monetary setup, but many people play the spare-in-a-so-you-anywhere-can-play game. Say: let’s go shopping at the Hofer / Lidl and then lay down properly for a perfume or a designer jacket – you want to be who and you treat yourself otherwise nothing else. The conscience wants to be reassured, where does the stuff come from, what does one eat often does not matter, MAJOR CHEAP .